There comes a point in every person’s life, or maybe during a day, that they have the painful choice of going to the gym or staying on the couch spending the rest of the day on Netflix watching movies. But there is a way to stay on the couch and still get a decent workout in with the Couch Potato Workout. These moves can be performed when commercial breaks come on or on their own.

1) Sofa Squat- this move works the butt and thighs. Stand in front of the couch legs shoulder width apart then squat letting your butt touch the edge of the couch. Then come up and repeat two sets of twenty reps.




2) Jumping Jacks- This short burst of cardio will get your heart rate up for you to burn more calories. Do it for one minute.


3) Pillow Crunch- this move works abs and obliques.

Lie on couch, bed, or any other flat surface and extend arms overhead. Lift one leg towards the ceiling and reach with both arms toward the lifted leg. Do two sets of fifteen reps on each side of leg


4) Jumping Jacks- For another minute.




5) Elevated Lunge- Works thighs and calf muscles.

Extend one leg behind you resting on the edge of the couch the other bent foot on the floor. Bend leg then return to start do two sets of fifteen reps on each leg.









6) Incline Pushup- Works the chest, arms, and shoulders.

Place hands at shoulder width apart on the arm of the couch and walk feet back so you are on your toes. Do as many pushups as you can then rest and repeat.