In a day and age when the U.S. unemployment rate is at an all time high, who is to blame and who is affected most? With the unemployment rate being so high it will be a rocky transition for some seniors entering the workforce.

President Barack Obama in his first year in office proposed a stimulus plan that was said to put the country in a better economic position. After the stimulus plan was passed Obama projected the unemployment rate to drop to 5.3 percent, today the rate is at an alarming 8.3 percent.Not every plan is successful but Obama still has more on his agenda regarding the economic status of the country’s economy.

As the unemployment rate remains the same and college graduates begin to look for jobs, one can only imagine the pressure these students are under. “I’m actually looking forward to graduating in December” said Alyssa Cruz senior public relations major at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. For some students the pressure is much greater. Not every college graduate has the same mentality as Cruz. “I actually am taking a year off to travel Europe,” said a BU senior computer forensics major. Whether travel or the job hunt is in the future for students one thing is for certain and that is that a decision is approaching very soon. As graduation looms over the heads of BU students new obstacles face them. As they graduate new questions must be answered. “Where will I live?” “Where will I apply for jobs?” Getting a good job is definitely important, but students always have to take into account where they want to live. The standard of living is varied depending on location across the country. A bigger city will be more expensive than a smaller town. Some college students will move back home with their families and ObamaCare, another reform that passed under President Obama’s administration, will cover children under their parent’s health care until the age of 26.That time maybe the difference in finding a job, securing a future and having another expense.

The economy must change in order for a successful transition from college to the “real world” for these graduating seniors. No matter what your outlook on the economy you have to face the fact that it needs to improve for the betterment of the country. Finding jobs is never easy but young intelligent students may have an upper hand on the older generation with the evolving technology of this day and age.