The Anxious Voter

            A fidgety man waits impatiently in the everlasting line to vote. The middle-aged, tall business man seems frustrated and it is as if he is losing patience with every passing minute. He is dressed in a blue button down shirt, a matching tie that has been loosened at the neck, and black dress pants; this man looks like he has come straight from work. He is checking his silver rolex watch on his right wrist every other minute and uneasily grins at the rapidly growing line behind him. He is surrounded by students, elders, and even children, he seems annoyed, and unapproachable as if he is in a hurry.

           As I quietly stand in line behind him I begin to think of what might be making him so distraught on this exciting and incredibly important Election Day. The people around me were waiting in the same long, slowly moving line and from the derogatory remarks coming from the elderly couple behind me I can tell I am not the only one who notices this man and his irritable attitude.

          An hour passes as we continue to get closer to the voting booths and the impatient man in front of me has not spoken a word, it must be obvious to him people are getting annoyed with his edgy attitude. I knew the line was tiresome and quiet boring, especially if you were alone, but what could be so much more important than voting for our next president? I tried to think positively to myself “he must have had an exhausting day at work and is looking forward to spending time with his wife and children, while enjoying a warm home-cooked meal.”    

The exact second that the optimistic thought left my mind he hurriedly exited the voting booth; a beaming white smile appeared on his face. As he brushed passed me and the people he had been standing in line with, he turned around and said “I apologize for my lack of patients, but one hour ago I became a grandfather, and I’m on my way to meet my first grandson!”


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