The 155th Annual Bloomsburg Fair


Bloomsburg Fair The 155th Annual Bloomsburg Fair! from mkc69067 on Vimeo.

For just $5 admission, one can enjoy countless rides and games, feast on delicious foods, and watch live entertainment. The Bloomsburg Fair started in 1855, and was a rather small piece of land with few exhibits. To this day, the fair’s popularity, shops, and attractions have tremendously increased.

Popular rides include the Fireball, (which spins the rider around a complete 360 degrees) the Avalanche, (which rotates the rider clockwise and counter-clockwise) and the Super Himalaya (a very fast ride that runs forward and backward).

What kinds of activities are there at the Bloomsburg Fair? Too many to count! From rock climbing to bingo, fishing to ski-ball, and many other classics as well as fun for the kids.

Other than rides and amusement, the Bloomsburg Fair also has several museums filled with amazing things from the 20th Century. Along with museums, there are livestock and dog shows, allowing people to become face-to-face with many award winning rabbit breeds, roosters, and canines!

Come celebrate the 155th Annual Bloomsburg Fair!


The 155th Annual Bloomsburg Fair! from mkc69067 on Vimeo.




  1. Very nice job with the video Melissa, it makes we want to go to the Fair..right now!!

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