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Is Bungie Releasing a PvP Game?

Bungie Studios are the producers of the Destiny Franchise (Destiny 1 & Destiny 2). Destiny 1 has been a very inactive game since Destiny 2 launched in September of 2017. Destiny 2 is a mixture of Player Versus Everything (PvE), Player Versus Players (PvP), and PvEvP. For 8 years, players have been in the fray slaying alien life forms and battling it out with fellow guardians.

PvP is a core mode to the Destiny Universe. Destiny’s main PvP mode is called the Crucible. The Crucible is a mix of 6 guardians who match against other guardians and fight to the top. There are also end game versions of PvP; Iron Banner (more competitive Crucible experience) & Trials of Osiris (3v3 elimination mode). Since the release of Destiny 2 in 2017, the Crucible has not received the same amount of love it did in Destiny 1 and PvP players have had it.However, there may be hope for PvP lovers. According to Bungie’s Career website, they are looking for a new game director for an “unannounced project.”

Image via careers.bungie.com

“You are responsible for the creative vision of a new PvP-first product at Bungie. Your job is to forge the gameplay mechanics, systems, narrative, and social opportunities into a unified whole that sings in harmony. You partner with the Creative, Art, Engineering and Production Directors to create and maintain an exceptional, inclusive, creative environment for the development team.

Your job is to define and promote the pillars and the product design to the team, company, and players from concept through release, while building high levels of alignment and enthusiasm. You are also responsible for leading iteration of the product design based on feedback from peers, company stakeholders, and team members while holding to the core vision.” – Bungie Careers

It is clear that Bungie is looking to do a new “PvP-first product,” but it all comes down to when will it be done, how long will players have to wait, and will it be worth the wait?

What Would This Mean for Destiny’s PvP Modes and Playerbase?

Well, it is too early to tell. The potential creation of a new PvP game can have many different factors that can lead to many results with Destiny’s PvP.

  1. Bungie may stop working on Destiny’s PvP – Meaning no new updates, gameplay changes, new modes/maps, and no quality of life updates.
  2. Bungie may continue to hire people across Sony and other gaming industries to continue to build the Crucible within Destiny.
  3. Bungie may put the Crucible in the more glorious state that makes all players happy, but then will not make any new changes to it.

In terms of the playerbase, since the Crucible players are not happy with Bungie and the way they execute their PvP mode(s), they might move onto this new game, to see if Bungie finally meets their standards, or they may move on completely from Destiny & Bungie themselves, since the players have felt left behind over the years of Destiny.

Image via mp1st.com

Final Notes – Editor’s Opinions

I think Bungie has a real big potential adding a PvP-centered game that will allow the Crucible players of Destiny, who love Bungie, to try out their new product. I love Bungie and the work that they bring into Destiny 2. Players may also not have to wait as long as 2025 (if the PvP-centered game released then) because Bungie will most likely add a “Alpha” or “Beta” version for the new game(s). In Bungie’s past, they’ve also invited players and content creators around the world to test their products in their studios and at gaming conventions, so players can have potential to gain early access to the game!

Image via The Wall Street Journal

Although there is speculation over a job posting, it isn’t certain when this game would release, since they don’t have the “game director” spot open, but Bungie is aiming to have an “unannounced game” released by 2025. Until then, Crucible players may not see any new or major updates to Destiny’s PvP, especially if the game in 2025 isn’t the new PvP game.