Taylor Swift in Legal Trouble

Taylor Swift recently said she’s taking some time away from music to give us a break from her, but with her involvement in several legal cases, it doesn’t look like she’ll be disappearing from our newsfeeds anytime soon.

At a Denver concert back in 2013, Swift was supposedly groped by KYGO radio host, David Mueller. Swift’s security team dealt with the issue and no charges were pressed. However, Mueller was fired from the radio station and filed a lawsuit against Swift for her inaccurate accusation that cost him his job.

swift shockedSwift claimed that she was talking with Mueller and his girlfriend prior to the show, and when they posed for a picture together, Mueller lifted her skirt and groped her. Startled and upset, Swift quickly reported the incident to her security team who then addressed the issue, resulting in KYGO ultimately firing Mueller for his actions. Mueller’s lawsuit alleges that his superior at KYGO, Eddie Haskell, a business acquaintance of Swift, was the real perpetrator of the groping, and that Swift’s mistake wrongly cost him his job.

David-MuellerOn Oct. 28, Swift filed a countersuit against Mueller. The lawsuit states, “Ms. Swift knows exactly who committed the assault — it was Mueller…” and, “Resolution of this counterclaim will demonstrate that Mueller alone was the perpetrator of the humiliating and wrongful conduct targeted against Ms. Swift, and will serve as an example to other women who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating acts.” Swift has vowed that any money won will be donated to “charities dedicated to protecting women from similar sexual assaults and personal disregard.” The “Shake it Off” singer is demanding a jury trial for her countersuit.

Swift’s countersuit against Mueller is not the only legal trouble the pop star finds herself in these days. Swift currently faces another lawsuit for $42 million claiming she stole lyrics for her hit song, “Shake It Off.”  R&B artist, Jesse Graham, claims Swift stole the song’s chorus lyrics from his, “Haters Gonna Hate,” and believes if he never wrote it, the hit, “Shake It Off,” wouldn’t even exist.jesse

However, Swift’s team is not too worried about this case since the songs sound nothing alike and the lyrics, while similar, don’t indicate any wrongful plagiarizing. Graham asked Swift’s management team for credit as a co-writer for the song, but they said there was no merit for that claim and did not entertain the idea. He considered letting the matter go, but decided the song was “his song all the way” and pursued the lawsuit.

swift listeninfApparently, Graham’s album, Sexy Ladies, containing the song “Haters Gonna Hate,” has few listeners and barely gets radio time. It seems unlikely that Swift, as successful as she is, would have to steal lyrics from a widely unknown singer. But, time will tell how this lawsuit goes.

Check out the two songs and see what your verdict would be.


 Swift certainly has her hands full with her career and these legal cases, but with her history of commitment to her fans, it seems she won’t let these cases get her down in her “Wildest Dreams.” She’s currently wrapping up her “Bad Blood” tour and continuing to slay the music industry and red carpets with her girl squad by her side.