Taylor Swift is at it again. As if we needed another reason to worship her, you know, aside from the gifts she always seems to be sending her fans, the sweet notes she writes on their Instagrams, and her years of charitableness, she has just proven to be the ultimate gal pal. (No surprise considering the large group of powerhouse ladies who she calls friends- which includes basically the entire Victoria’s Secret team of angels.)NipHdtw

Swift actually created a Break Up playlist for a fan going through a hard time. And when you think about it, who better to craft such a thing? Swift has been exceedingly candid about her break ups and has no doubt been through it all. Just listen to a few of her record breaking albums, and you’ll get the gist. But now she is on a happy-single-girl-power-independence kick, and if anyone can spread that around, it’s Swift.

So naturally, when a young girl, Kasey Andrew, reached out to Swift on Tumblr expressing her heartache over being dumped via text message, Swift reached back. Not only did she console Andrew, offering sweet words of encouragement and understanding, saying, “It’s so devastating to come to terms with speaking of someone in past tense when you used to see them as your present and future…Heartbreak is awful enough. The fact that you have to endure this kind of emotional abuse is so wrong. I know it’s hard but I think it’s time to utilize the ‘block’ feature on your phone,” she went above and beyond and supplied her with a go to “Breakup/Moving on” playlist.

Think about a single person in your life who would do that for you—let alone a celebrity whom you’ve never met before. This is why we bow down.

Andrew told Buzzfeed, “I have been listening to it on repeat all day. Anytime I start to feel alone or sad about the breakup, I have her advice saved in my phonebook and I look at it. And in my head, go Taylor Swift cares about me so I’m going to stay strong.”

Swift has undoubtedly helped Andrew, but she’s also lent a hand to thousands of girls and boys who are going through difficult love situations. We’re all just a few clicks away from some T-Swift wisdom.

So if you need some Swift lovin’ in your life, look no further than the iPod in your hands, and be sure to download this sick beat:

Stay Away – Charli xcx

Not Around – Montgomery Wings

HEARTS Coffins –Misterwives Sleep

Azure Ray Begin Again – Measure

No stranger to a quick and brutal dumping, it’s likely that Swift listened to a similar playlist back when Joe Jonas ended things over what she has famously referred to as a thirty-second phone call.

But no worries, no matter how painful the break up was, after a few dozen replays of these songs, yZ100's Jingle Ball 2014 - Live Showou’ll be more than ready to SHAKE IT OFF.