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BUnow Alumni: Where is Paul Rosa now?

Paul Rosa graduated from Bloomsburg University in the spring of 2013. He majored in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. During his sophomore and junior year, he was a member of Bloomsburg’s varsity baseball team. Paul decided to…

Dear Mike Trout: Please Come Home

Dear Mike Trout, Let’s face it, you’re a Broad Street Bully at heart. LA is beautiful. Beautiful weather, beautiful people, and sidewalks paved with stars. But let’s be honest… home is where the heart is. All Los Angeles sees you…

Top 10 Yogi-isms

On Sept. 22, the world of baseball lost a legend in Yogi Berra. Berra was a catcher for the New York Yankees from 1946-1963. He was also a manager for the Yankees, Mets and bench coach for the Astros until…

The End of an Era: Derek Jeter announces he will retire following 2014 season

In the 1993 Robert De Niro movie “A Bronx Tale,” a young Italian boy, Calogero Anello, is riding the bus with his father, Lorenzo, played by De Niro. Set in the 1950’s, the two get to talking baseball, and Lorenzo…

Perfect pitching leads Phillies to win

If the Phillies play like they did Wednesday night, if they truly want to win it again, and if they play for Harry Kalas, then New York better watch out. The Phillies are here to prove that they are a legit baseball team, that they can take on the best of the best in baseball.

A call to postpone Halloween

With Game 3 of the World Series falling on the same night as Halloween, Joe Arleth hopes that his influence as Commissioner of High Education will help force the necessary change. Halloween must be rescheduled till November 6th. This is no trick.