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The Future of the DC Extended Universe – Utterly Nonsense

What will the DCEU need to do to survive based on its current trajectory? The following segment originally aired as part of the Utterly Nonsense...

My Interview with Hollywood

Between all the DCEU news, the declining state of the summer box office, the rising state of the fall box office, and James Cameron's...

The DCEU is Finally Getting its S**t Together

0 The DC Extended Universe, which seeks to emulate the Marvel Cinematic Universe's formula of creating a long running story through a variety of superhero...

Superheroes Headline Comic-Con 2016

If you’re a superhero nerd like me then you’ve been freaking out about all the new trailers and footage from this past weekend’s Comic-Con...

“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” Review

Thursday night I had the pleasure of seeing the new movie Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which I’ll be referring to as B...

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