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Help End Domestic Violence in Bloomsburg!

Imagine being in a relationship that starts out really great, but then everything goes wrong. One day you go from getting tender embraces and...

The Safe and Sound Slumber Fund Announces New, Exciting Prizes!

Dr. Ganahl's Pr: Cases & Problems class adds tons of new prizes for the anticipated winners of the upcoming "Safe and Sound Slumber Fund Volleyball Tournament" to support the Local Women's Center!

Sugar rush supports local women’s center

The Sugar Rush bake sale will be held in the Student Service Center from April 21 to 22 from noon to 3p.m. All of the money raised will be used to purchase the supplies needed for the Women’s Center of Columbia/ Montour County. There will be homemade cookies, cupcakes, brownies and other baked goods available.

Cell Phone Donation Drive

Old, Unused, or Broken: These phones are recycled through the "Shelter Alliance" program in exchange for funding. We accept phones in any condition and chargers are not needed. Please help!

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