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Would You Tap That?

Over the past decade, the smartphone has become embedded in our modern culture. If somehow you’ve failed to notice, look around you. On the street,...

How to be Better at Social Networking

In this age of technology, social networking has become so widely popular that those who abstain can easily find themselves ostracized. We post to...

Texas College Stabbings by Fantasy Cannibal

Just before noon on Tuesday, April 9, a college campus near Houston, Texas. was in panic. Twenty year-old college student Dylan Quick went on...

Social Media: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

In a day and age when social media is at our fingertips, using it effectively can be tough. Having the urge to post our...

Social Media and ‘Rape Culture’ in Ohio

  Most of the evidence in this trial was found on social networking sites, as shown to the right. In our age of social networking...

Justin Bieber Gone Wild

Justin Bieber has been catching the media's eye quite a bit more than usual lately. This isn't necessarily a good thing for the 19-year-old,...

The Impact of Social Media

It's no secret that sites like Facebook and Twitter have made a significant impact in our society. Social media has transformed the way we...

From TV to Twitter: London Olympics Go Social

The 2012 Olympics will be more social than ever before. Find out why!

GANAHL ON MEDIA: Make Google Fix It

What’s a column on media without media predictions for the upcoming year? Right now everybody is in the prediction business. A Google search for 2010 media predictions resulted in over 9 million hits in just 0.22 seconds, really! And why be bashful, because who keeps score anyway? Twelve months from now, I’ll be lucky to find this column, much less measure its predictive value! So, here’s my 2010 media predictions.

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