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Is Hive Social the New Twitter?

Hive Social, a new social platform focusing on the simplicity of social media, focuses on the motto "express yourself without the pressure of traditional social media apps." Since Elon Musk's...

Kanye West Went Death Con 3

One name has been in the news above others lately, and that is the college dropout with a beautiful, dark, and...

Andrew Tate sends cease and desist to Ethan Klein

Andrew Tate, Andrew Tate is known for his personality on the internet and kickboxing career. After getting banned from multiple social media platforms in...

Twitter Accepts Elon Musks $44 Billion Bid

On April 25 news broke that Elon Musk and Twitter agreed to a deal worth $44 billion to hand over the entire company to...

Off The Grid: 30 Days Without Social Media

Introduction Social media undoubtedly plays a huge role in our lives today. So the real question is, what’s the nature of that impact? To...

Kev and Jake’s Takes Episode 6: Russell Wilson Contract, NBA Playoffs, March Madness

This week we had our very special guest Ian Terrette come on the show to discuss Russell Wilson's contract, NBA playoffs, and a recap...

Ella Mai tweets recent success

Ella Mai is an English singer/songwriter and will be headlining the Bloomsburg University fall concert on Nov. 11 at the Nelson Field House. This...

Mark Hamill to Appear in Guardians 3?

The following segment originally aired as part of the Utterly Nonsense Podcast, a weekly show conceived by CJ De Leo, Jon Caglianone and Jack...

Kevin Durant’s Latest Attempt to Beat His “Haters”

Even though Draymond Green has neither retired nor changed his trash talking ways, one other person was a shoo-in for the award for loud...

An Artist in Cyberspace: Yoko Ono’s Twitter

A lot of things come to a person’s head when they hear the name Yoko Ono. It is either met with admiration for her...

Listen, Pepsi

Every once and a while a company decides it’s time for a new commercial with an amazing message behind it. While many of them...

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Ye Running for President in 2024

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