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Pennsylvania State Senator Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

Sen. Michael Folmer was arrested and resigned Wednesday, Sept. 18, over child pornography charges.   The 63-year-old Republican became the subject of an investigation late 2017,...

The Unsent Project

Tumblr and Instagram user, Rora Blue has started a new beautiful and poignant project that is intriguing social media account users everywhere. The project...

The Inevitable Stages of Spending Valentine’s Day Alone

Let’s face it, we all want to own being single on Valentine’s Day, but most of us can’t.   You’ll probably start out the day, or...

Happy Birthday, Oscar Wilde!

Oscar Wilde lived from Oct. 16, 1854 to Nov. 30, 1900. He was an Irish poet and writer, and is best known today for...
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Social Media Draws Growing Number of Young Western Women into the World of ISIS

Scan through Umm Khattab’s social media profiles, and, at first glance, they don’t look much different than those of any other teenage girl. But...

Tumblr’s “Dirty Vlogger Confessions” Account Becomes Controversial

In today’s world, there’s a fine line between admiration and pure obsession. When a Tumblr dedicated to anonymous, dirty submissions is created, who is...

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Is ‘Guardians’ Really the Best Name for Cleveland’s Baseball Team?

Cleveland's MLB team released a statement Friday morning to announce it will change its name from Indians to Guardians. I understand why many sports franchises...

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Thump 2: Eyes | A Short Film

Editor’s Note: Michael Lamberti, along with his group, Blooming Studios, has created a sequel to their first film, Thump. This film is called Thump...

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