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Does Beto Stand A Chance? – Weekly Politicast

BUnow’s Weekly Politicast is a new audio segment devoted to discussing new and relevant information in the world of politics. This episode is presented...

Close to 400 Fish Die in Aquarium

On Thursday, there was a chemical mix-up in the Texas State Aquarium that  killed almost 400 fish.  According to CNN, the aquarium thought it...

State of Texas Aiming to Shoot Down Insanity Plea in Shooting Death of ‘American...

As the trial began last week between the State of Texas and Eddie Ray Routh for the murder of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and...
The shooter surrendering

Faux FedEx Deliveryman Kills Texas Family

A shooting has occurred in Spring, Texas on Wednesday, July 9, killing six people: four children and their parents. The killer dressed as a deliveryman,...

Texas College Stabbings by Fantasy Cannibal

Just before noon on Tuesday, April 9, a college campus near Houston, Texas. was in panic. Twenty year-old college student Dylan Quick went on...

Explosion Destroys Part of Texas Town

Not long after explosions tragically disrupted the Boston marathon, another tragedy struck on the other side of the country. At 8 p.m. on Wednesday,...

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Is ‘Guardians’ Really the Best Name for Cleveland’s Baseball Team?

Cleveland's MLB team released a statement Friday morning to announce it will change its name from Indians to Guardians. I understand why many sports franchises...

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Beneful Dangerous to Dogs

  This past month, a lawsuit was filed against Nestle Purina Petcare. According to WLTW News 5, over 3,000 individuals claimed that after their dogs...

Nevada School Shooting