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i.Con: The First Smart Condom

We live in a world of smart everything: phones, tablets, TVs, watches, etc. The list seemingly grows by the day and the newest addition...

What’s Wrong with Kids These Days?

There are a lot of advantages of being a kid. You don’t have to worry about bills or other expenses, your parents provide you...

A Site Worth Sharing:

From musicians to brain surgeons, aerospace engineers to poets, these “talks” engage and enliven even the most stagnant of minds. Feel bogged down, overwhelmed, or under-inspired? Take 45 minutes and surf It’s a class worth paying attention to.

Has Technology Taken Over?

The release of the new iPhone 5 has demonstrated how technology dependent this generation has become.

Profs Texting Students: Where Do We Draw the Line?

Caution Bloomsburg University faculty:  Your “innocent” Facebook banter, text messages or e-mails with your students could be unwelcome. When a student was asked if...

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Bloomsburg Fair Discounted Student Tickets

“SPECIAL BLOOMSBURG UNIVERSITY STUDENT DISCOUNT!”-BU Students List An opportunity was emailed through the BU Students List this morning, students have access to discounted Bloomsburg...

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Vampires? Yes, Please.

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