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Episode 5: NFL Free Agency, March Madness, Retirement

In this week's episode of Kev and Jake's Takes, we discuss free agency, March madness, and retirement. Joining us this week is our special...

Episode 4: GSP/Khabib, Zion Williamson, Manny Machado, Antonio Brown, etc.

This week on Kev and Jake's Takes we explore the UFC, MLB, NCAA and give our opinions on what's happening in the world of...

Episode 3: Trade deadline, UFC, NFL trades

On this week of Kev and Jake's takes, our talkative guest Nick joins in the discussion. Enjoy!

WBUQ: Join The Revolution!

Owned and operated by Bloomsburg University and its students, WBUQ – The Revolution is always looking for new and upcoming talent to either perform as a disk jockey or a talk radio host. One D.J. who has been working at WBUQ- The Revolution since her freshman year is Kelly Barnett...

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The Excitement of Halloween: Costuming!

Planning costumes has been a huge participation for Halloween amongst all ages. One of the biggest vendors when it comes to purchasing Halloween costumes...

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Hanoi Summit: Trump and Kim

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