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US Reign of Terror

Dozens of innocent civilians fleeing in terror, watching family and friends die in the destruction of a mosque in Al-Jina, Syria, just outside the embattled capital city of Aleppo. Elsewhere in Syria, dozens wept as they watched fellow civilians murdered…

Kayla Mueller, ISIS Captive, Gave Life to Help Those in Need

Kayla Mueller had a history of making sacrifices to help those in need. By the age of 26, she had worked with a long list of service organizations and traveled around the world volunteering and spreading awareness of injustice and…

Syria Strikes Again

On Nov. 6 another Syrian government airstrike occurred. This strike targeted a rebel town near Damascus, allegedly killing at least nine people including three children, as stated by the Associated Press. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and…

Syria: A Big Decision

With the suspicion of the Syrian Government killing it’s own people, President Obama seeks to attack.

New York Times Website Hacked, Syrian Electronic Army Claims Credit for the Attack

A part of many news watchers’ daily routine is checking in on their favorite online news sites. The New York Times website, for example, is a go to place for reliable information for over one million subscribers. However, on Tuesday,…

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Civil War Continues to Rage in Syria

Violence in Syria continues, as two year civil war claims the lives of thousands.

Syria: A Nation Divided

The Syrian Arab Army has begun the next phase of civil war; Texting