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Bloom United: Do YOU need help?

The United Way of Columbia and Montour Counties recognizes the population of its service region that is made up of college students, specifically those...

Not Everybody is on Strike

For the most part, the Bloomsburg campus has seen a sudden decline in campus traffic since the beginning of the strike. However, not every...

Why Bernie Sanders Fell Short

*Editor’s note: Views of the author do not reflect the views of BUnow. With the election season heating up, it would only be right to...

Lights! Camera! Victory!… Still Working Towards The Goal!

Lights, Camera, Victory! is a campaign that was developed by Dr. Ganahl’s senior level public relations class at Bloomsburg University. Together, the class, Camp...

Encouraging Student Parents to Attend Meeting

The Student Parent Assn. is hosting an interest meeting on Jan. 22 at 12:30 in the Women's Resource Center. All students encouraged to attend.

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