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Solo A Star Wars Story

Star Wars: Episode IX Teaser Trailer

The force is one with this article! Star Wars is kicking butt this weekend at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago! Lucasfilm revealed the name of Episode Nine to be Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. There is a lot in this trailer….

The Future of Star Wars

On a recent episode of Utterly Nonsense, CJ De Leo, Jon Caglianone and Eric Barlow discussed the future slate of Star Wars films. The following video originally aired as part of the Utterly Nonsense Podcast, a weekly show by CJ…

Solo Han Solo Film Dubbed “Solo” – Utterly Nonsense

The below clip originally aired as part of last week’s episode of Utterly Nonsense, a weekly entertainment podcast created by, and starring, CJ De Leo, Jon Caglianone, and Jack Burns. The full show that this clip was taken from can…