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USA Olympic Results: Honorable Mention

The media is always hungry for a good story during the Olympics. Some can be over broadcasted while others were never really heard of....

USA Olympic Results: Gold Medal Edition

Throughout the games athletes were aiming to repeat their gold medal streaks or try to aim for the top for the first time. During...

USA Olympic Results: Silver Medal Edition

It took the United States awhile to grab their first Silver in the games. In total they nabbed seven  during their time in Sochi....

USA Olympic Results: Bronze Medal Edition

The Sochi games are officially over and the medal count is in. The United States made history during the games with some of the...

USA Hockey Disappoints with Fourth Place in Sochi

Throughout the preliminary round of the hockey tournament in Sochi the United States was an offensive juggernaut. They scored 20 goals in the span...

Shaun White Dethroned at Halfpipe, Now What?

Sochi, Russia – The Winter Games in Sochi have been a whirlwind of history making, shockers, and excitement. However, U.S fans were shocked on...

Olympics and Terrorism

As the 2014 Olympic Ceremonies came to light, so did the terrorist threats.

Winter Olympics Preview

For those of you who enjoy watching your home country compete every four years that time is just around the corner. The 22nd version...

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