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When Creativity Dies; Inspiration is Reborn

2020 has an interesting way of showing us its true colors. I wanted to capture something that isn’t dialogue-heavy. To be honest, this was a last-minute idea Isaiah, Mike and I did while our spring break was extended due to…

Conflicting Thoughts – A Short Film by NimTV Productions

  Conflicting Thoughts Is a short film I made based on my own psyche. A screenwriter named Ben (Dylan Knorr) has writer’s block, and must enter into his psyche to find inspiration. This is the second short film I have ever…

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Drake Releases Surprise Mixtape and Short Film

Drake surprised fans twice this past week. The first time was on Thursday, Feb. 12, when he released “Jungle,” a nearly 15-minute short film. The next surprise was on Friday, Feb. 13, when he unexpectedly dropped a mixtape/album titled “If…