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Adidas And Beyonce Annouce New Partnership

Adidas has just announced a new partnership with Beyoncé. The partnership is being described as a "multi-layer deal". Beyoncé will be a creative partner...

Bloomsburg Joins Thousands in Women’s March

This article was written by Olivia Minzola. BLOOMSBURG, PA – Thousands of women, men, and children across America took to the streets on Saturday January 20th,...

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Before, Before & After: An Inside Look at Gen Z On...

I was sitting in my childhood bedroom when I was first put on antidepressants. Snow was falling outside; the world was cold and quiet...

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A Reaction to “Call me Caitlyn”

Ever since Bruce Jenner sat down with Diane Sawyer, there has been a lot of talk about transgenderism. Some have been left feeling confused...