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BU BARCs Back!: Introducing the Bloomsburg Anti-Rape Coalition

Many Bloomsburg students will recall reading a horrific text notification received in October of last year: “Bloomsburg University Police today received a Campus...

i.Con: The First Smart Condom

We live in a world of smart everything: phones, tablets, TVs, watches, etc. The list seemingly grows by the day and the newest addition...

The 411 On Hookups

With college comes added responsibilities, a defined outlook on life, and more freedoms. With freedom comes finding one’s self and with this comes sexual...

A Letter to my Drunk Hookup

This is a letter to the person I slept with when we were both drunk. We may have gotten a little crazy that night...

10 Sex Tips from Amber Rose’s Book: How to Be a Bad B****

Amber Rose is a very well-known ‘bad bitch’ with a sweet heart and a sexy attitude.  Rose recently published her brand new book, How...

The 6 People You Shouldn’t Have Sex With

  In life, there are choices and sometimes we don’t make the right ones. Particularly when they pertain to sex. That’s not to say you...

One Couple’s Rankings of Disney Songs to Have Sex to

Cosmo is known for its sexy articles including sex tips, advice, lists of the best positions and much more.  It seems the sex topics...

Places on Campus People Fantasize to Have Sex

There are a few places on the campus of Bloomsburg University that could be knocked of a bucket list of places to have sex.  And...

Fifty Shades of Grey Inspired Sex Moves

Ever since 2011, when Fifty Shades of Grey hit bookshelves and became a massive hit, it has become abundantly clear that both women and...

Sex in 2050: Purely Recreational

By 2050 we will all live in a Utopian society, use hover boards and have sex for purely recreational purposes without fear of pregnancy....

Perfecting the Art of Friends With Benefits: Rules to Live By

Friends with Benefits, or your FWB: at first, both parties are all for the thought “there’s no strings attached.” It’s one of the oldest...

The Hilarious Things You Once Believed about Sex

The things many of us thought, but are too embarrassed to admit it!

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