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What If?: An Interpretation of the Bible and Our Universe

I believe in God, but I haven’t always. There were many different reasons I strayed away from religion, but one of the most convincing...

Washington Post Writer Visits Campus

*Editor’s Note: This article was written by Cara Eschenmann* Chris Mooney, a science and environmental writer for the Washington Post, visited Bloomsburg University to talk...

Preachers on Campus

  If you were on the quad around noon at any time around the week of Oct. 24, you likely fell victim to the insufferable...

The Science Behind Freddie Mercury’s Voice

“Is this the real life?/Is this just fantasy?” Did you just sing this in your head? Unless you have lived under a rock since...
Astronaut Scott Kelly

Astronaut Scott Kelly Got 2 Inches Taller In Space

Wish you were a little bit taller? Perhaps, the answer is to spend a year in space. Astronaut Scott Kelly returned to earth this past...

Could There Be a Glowing Sea Turtle?

When diving under the sea at night, you would expect everything to be pitch black and hard to see, right? Well, marine biologist David...
Homo Naledi restructured appearance

Homo Naledi: A Potential Breakthrough in Human Evolution

There may be more to our evolutionary history than we once believed. Scientists have found a possible connection to our history located in a...

Drunk Happenings: Scientifically Sound Reasons For Our Actions

Oh God.... OH GOD. No, it's not Sunday morning and you're not in church. You just woke up and remembered everything you did last night...

CoST Career Day Offers a Professional Boost

If you want a job after graduating college, of course it’s important to attend all your classes and do your best. However, BU also...

A Site Worth Sharing:

From musicians to brain surgeons, aerospace engineers to poets, these “talks” engage and enliven even the most stagnant of minds. Feel bogged down, overwhelmed, or under-inspired? Take 45 minutes and surf It’s a class worth paying attention to.

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