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Valentine’s Day is NOT Overrated

Many claim Valentine’s Day to be dumb, a waste of time, and cruel. “It’s really single awareness day.” “You shouldn’t need a holiday to be...

Why “Talking” Relationships Can Be Painful

Our generation is filled with boys and girls that just don’t want to commit. Why? Well, we’re all messed up in the head. Some...

Signs Your Crush Likes You

In our young teenage years, we often have crushes or crush on someone we have been eyeing out for a while. It’s very normal...

10 Sex Tips from Amber Rose’s Book: How to Be a Bad B****

Amber Rose is a very well-known ‘bad bitch’ with a sweet heart and a sexy attitude.  Rose recently published her brand new book, How...

Zac Efron’s New Bae

For the longest time we all expected ‘high school sweethearts,’ Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, from the High School Musical to be together for...

The Ruination of Relationships = Cell Phones + Social Media

Mobile phones have been around for a little while now, and they serve many important purposes. Since people can always have their cell phones...

Where My Best Friends At, Snapchat?!

Snapchat recently updated its app, but it may have downgraded in the eyes of many with one of the major changes that came along with the update.

Couples in College

The pros and cons of college relationships.

Episode 2: Are you feelin’ this?

Women can smell fear from a mile away, like sharks, only prettier and a little bit less scary. I'm fairly confident that any guy from a Bloomsburg University student to George Clooney or 50 Cent would agree with me on this, because staying cool and keepin’ it real are the keys to success.

Episode One: Relationships From a Dude’s Perspective…

This isn’t the high-class grandeur steeped scene of Manhattan; this is Bloomsburg, where deer outnumber people. One thing remains constant no matter where you live, or where anyone lives for that matter, and that is relationships.

Why Men Love Bitches

Sherry Argov has accomplished something very rare to the human race, a guidebook specifically designed to help transform women from “doormats to dream girls.” Why Men Love Bitches has become a national bestseller, giving a fresh insight into the dos and don’ts of a relationship.

High School Relationships: How Close is Too Close at That Age?

The story and insight of a high school girl who experienced the love and heartache of high school romance and based her college decision on her relationship...

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