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‘A Fresh Perspective’: A Documentary Series by Michael Lamberti

A new series is coming to Bloomsburg University called "A Fresh Perspective." Each episode will feature a person from a certain community who...

Not Everybody is on Strike

For the most part, the Bloomsburg campus has seen a sudden decline in campus traffic since the beginning of the strike. However, not every...

Pa. State Schools Strike: What To Do Now?

As a student, it would be impossible not to be confused by the recent happenings on campus regarding the strike.  Most of our professors...

Profs Texting Students: Where Do We Draw the Line?

Caution Bloomsburg University faculty:  Your “innocent” Facebook banter, text messages or e-mails with your students could be unwelcome. When a student was asked if...

Students Get Their Revenge on Professors

Before you schedule your classes for next fall, you might want to think about doing some research about the professor you're going to spend five months working with. At, students turn the tables and grade their professors based on their teaching skills. Take a look closer look at this tool and the way students use it at Bloomsburg.

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Stream Bloomsburg University Sports on BUSN!

This Saturday, the Bloomsburg University Huskies will play their home opener against Gannon University at 2 p.m. The football game will be streamed via...

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