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Things To Do on a Rainy Day…Besides Netflix and Chill

We’ve all been stuck inside on a rainy, cold day here in good ol’ Bloomsburg. We’ve also all sat in front of Netflix for...


Years ago,  the start of the fall season could have signified the beginning of many things: Halloween, breaking out our UGG boots, the leaves...

Happy Birthday, Oscar Wilde!

Oscar Wilde lived from Oct. 16, 1854 to Nov. 30, 1900. He was an Irish poet and writer, and is best known today for...

Thigh Gap: Newest Exercise Craze

The newest craze to optain a "Thigh Gap" leads to eating disorders and unhealthy body images.

The College Girl’s Guide to Fall Fashion

The best part about fall fashion is that it really only takes a few staple items for us lazy college gals to perfect. All the inspiration you need is right here!

#PinnersProblems: The Yarn Egg

Every Easter I hear my aunt’s voice in my head saying, “Nothing says Christ our Lord has risen quite like marshmallow peeps.” She is...

#PinnersProblems: My Hypothetical Wedding

Like most 90’s kids, I love Disney and believe in happily ever after. I also grew up with fads like pogs, Pokémon, gel pens...

#PinnersProblems: Orange Juice Facial

Another installment of #PinnersProblems

#PinnersProblems: The Braided Scarf

If you have ever seen me power walking across Bloomsburg’s campus you will normally find me with two things 1) Coffee or chai tea in...

#PinnersProblems: The Detox Bath

So normally I’m finding pins and trying my hand at them in real time. However, as I was going through my Pinterest boards I...

#PinnersProblems: An introduction to an addiction

I am fascinated by the ability of one website to have so much power over a single individual. No, I am not addicted to...

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