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Lions Gate Apartment Residents Frustrated by Lack of Parking

Editor's note: This article was written by Zachary Munkirs and edited by Samuel Forvour Residents of Lions Gate Apartments are taking issue with the lack of...

Students and Parents Outraged Over Unclear Rules of Campus Parking

This article was written by Sam Pickford. BLOOMSBURG - Imagine being a parent who has just drove several hours to pick up their child from...

Issues with Having a Car on Campus

This article was submitted by Brittney Dellaquila. Bloomsburg-Cars are adorned with the required colors of either blue, black, purple, and green. Bloomsburg University allows freshman to...

Parking Enforcement on Campus

Editor’s Note: This piece was written by Evan Moscaritolo of Professor John-Erik Koslosky’s Newswriting course and was edited by Micah Richards of Koslosky’s Editing for Journalism...

Campus Parking

*This article was written by Samantha Powers and edited by Devin Mulvey. BLOOMSBURG—The parking lot behind McCormick Center for Human Services, or MCHS, is the...

Increasing Student Population Equals Changes at BU

May 6, 2011 marks the last day of the semester. Already, admissions personnel have begun looking at applications of those looking to attend Bloomsburg...

BUPD: Police Chief Interview

Everybody has an opinion about the Bloomsburg University PD, here is a little information about the BUPD from an interview with the soon-to-be former BU police chief Robert Klinger.

An Awful Lot of Blue at the Blue Lot

Nobody likes the blue lot. No one. It’s the best option available to many students, so we take it, but we don’t love it. It’s like the guy in your hallway who’s annoying, but you still deal with him because its easier than trying to tell him off or avoiding him.

Parking story

As event coordinator of the campus-wide clothing drive, it is my job to take bags of donations from Spectrum magazine lab in Bakeless to...

While I was sleeping…

Well, I have all evening classes this semester so I refused to pay for a parking pass when I really did not need one.

Parking in Bloom – The Curse of the Purple Decal

Complaints about sufficient parking, or a lack of it, and subsequent fines for violations are heard almost anywhere with high numbers of cars and people.

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