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Paris Terror Attacks Update

The world watched in anguish as Paris went through a massive terrorist attack on Nov. 13.  Six different spots in Paris were attacked by the...

Kim Kardashian Goes Platinum

Kim Kardashian, America’s Armenian princess, has dyed her hair PLATINUM BLONDE! I’m sure no one saw this one coming. Her Armenian background calls for...

Look out Runway….There’s a Kardashian On the Loose

Kendall, who is formally known as Kendall Jenner, the daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner and stepsister of the lovely Kardashians is finally taking...

Paris Fashion Week: Shocking Highlights

As Paris Fashion week came to an end last week, there are plenty of shocking highlights to recap on, such as step dancers, topless protestors, and a five-car pile-up.

Fashion Week Style on a Budget

Paris 2013 Fashion Week was one for the books, but can these wild looks become ready-to-wear? With the retail store Forever 21 as a closet, the answer is yes.

L’amour à Paris

The beautiful Paris has much more to offer than just the Eiffel Tower, it is also the largest city of France. For those who didn't...

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