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The Frustrations of Painting

I have been a longtime fan of the soft-spoken nature painter known as Bob Ross. With his two series collections on Netflix, “The Joy of Painting” and “Chill with Bob Ross,” I have been wanting to try and attempt my…

Lost Masterpiece Found in Attic Worth Millions

A 400-year-old painting, allegedly painted by Italian Baroque painter, Caravaggio, was found in an attic in France. While investigating a leak in a ceiling, the painting was found in the rafters of an attic in Toulouse, France. Found in 2014,…

Visiting Artist Pamela Marks at the Multicultural Center

“Camouflage patterns found in the everyday images of war and the objects of popular culture have seeped into my consciousness and influenced this series of Dazzle Paintings. I found a strong visual relationship between camouflage and the emerging patterns of organic form in my previous paintings. Camouflage, an abstraction of nature and a powerful symbol, has a rich history that has involved artists since its inception…”