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Spring Has Sprung (at Least for Now)

They say that Friday the 13th is supposed to bring bad luck, but the residents of NEPA would disagree. Apr. 13 has finally ended...

Derf Backferf Writer of “My Friend Dahmer” Coming to Campus

On Thursday, Apr. 19 at 7 p.m. the Center for the Visual and Performing Arts is presenting Derf Backderf, writer of the acclaimed bestselling...

Whats Up Huskies Episode Eleven

There are so many advertisements for events around campus, it can be hard to keep up with it all. “What's Up Huskies” is a...

Issues with Having a Car on Campus

This article was submitted by Brittney Dellaquila. Bloomsburg-Cars are adorned with the required colors of either blue, black, purple, and green. Bloomsburg University allows freshman to...

National Survey of Student Engagement 2018 Announcement

Attention freshmen and seniors: Be sure to keep an eye on your student email inbox and watch for the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)...

Summer Preparatory Academy: Bringing Huskies Back to Campus

This past weekend, July 1, freshman students moved into their home in Elwell Hall for the Summer Preparatory Academy (SPA). The students moved in...

Anti-Trans Group Rallies On Campus, BU Students Quick to Act

On Monday, a group of young men, said to be high school students from nearby, of the The American Society of the Defense of...

Fake News Panel Brings Departments Together

On the evening of April 3, seven professors from seven departments gathered in Centennial to discuss the phenomenon that is “fake news” and how...

Block Party Restrictions Raising Excitement for Weekend

This article was originally published in The Voice on March 30, 2017. Bloomsburg’s annual Block Party is quickly approaching and will take place on April...

BU Organization Spotlight: University Democrats

It’s no secret that Bloomsburg University has a lot of clubs, organizations, and activities to offer. Unfortunately, there’s so many that not everyone knows...

Send Request x Hungry Huskies to Hold Benefit Concert

Editor's Note: The following article was written by Blake Heiges. BLOOMSBURG, PA., NOV. 17, 2016. The pop-punk band, Send Request, will partner with the Hungry...

Bloom Student Videos on Trump and Clinton

This past Tuesday, Bloomsburg University hosted Vote Jam on campus in the KUB Ballroom. This event included tables set up by the University Democrats...

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