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Navigating the Financial Impacts of COVID-19 as a College Student

*Editor’s note: This year-long series about financial literacy is sponsored by PSECU. If you’re a college student, you’ve likely felt some large effects of this ongoing...

Financial Freedom with the Fettermans

BLOOMSBURG— Personal financial coach of Fetterman Financial Freedom, Alexis Fetterman, shared her story about how she and her husband got out of debt and...

How the Pennsylvania State Budget Could Affect College Students

  At the beginning of every semester, there is a magical day when all things are right in the world. What day may you ask?...

Student Wins $5000 in Lions Gate Housing Giveaway

On April 25, Lions Gate Apartments kicked off their Sign Now & Win Big Luau. Beginning early February, anyone who took a tour, signed a...

Students’ Necessity For Summer Jobs

As the summer is vastly approaching, one topic is on every student's mind; a summer job. Many students view the summer as “fun in the...

BU Students Weigh in on Sandusky Settlement

  This article is a colloborative effort of Nick Cellucci, Kahla Manning, Jeanna Contino, and A. Zoe Baldwin. On Monday, 23 settlements were made for the...

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