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Art Inspires Fashion

For years art and fashion have gone together hand-in-hand, even when fashion was overlooked as a form of art. Fashion is one of the purest forms of artistic expression and designers often turn to famous, widely known works for inspiration….

Vogue’s “Diverse” Cover Falls Short

Vogue’s March 2017 cover features several models meant to represent the goal to celebrate diversity. However, many have criticized the magazine of falling short of this goal. The cover does feature Ashley Graham, a plus-sized model. However, many have pointed…

Gigi Hadid Fights Off Fashion Week Creep

As Milan Fashion Week rolls through, couture lovers across the world expect the newest collections, not an assault in the streets. Model, Gigi Hadid, had to defend herself against a man after he attempted to lift her into the air…

The Next Sexiest Night on TV

Victoria’s Secret is airing its first ever Swim Special, which shows the making of the 2015 Swim Shoot on location in Puerto Rico. (Que screaming fans.)

A Sneak Peak of the Sexiest Night on TV

For the first time in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show history, the angels are traveling overseas to strut the runway in London.

Victoria’s Secret “Perfect Body” Campaign Causing Outrage

Victoria’s Secret is under fire yet again but this time for their new ‘Perfect Body’ campaign that was designed to promote the lingerie line “Body by Victoria.”

Dear Bloom’s Must See Looks of the Week: A Bohemian Style

Dear Bloom is back and is updating Bloomsburg University with their “Must-See Looks of the Week.” This time, the theme is full of flavor, culture, and print mixing. We introduce a Bohemian (boho) style and discuss ways it can be…