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Anti-coup Protests in Myanmar and What You Need to Know

Myanmar underwent a coup d'etat at the hands of the military earlier this year beginning on Feb. 1. Military leaders, who held control in...

10 Semesters at BU Free to Air and Army National Guard

*Editor's Note: This story was submitted by Kelly S. Hughes. BLOOMSBURG UNIVERSITY—Military students of the Air and Army National Guard attending BU during 2018-2019 have...

Green Zone Training Available at BU: Supporting the People Who Support Us

  This article was written by Kelley S. Hughes (BLOOMSBURG UNIVERSITY, Feb. 26, 2018) – Bloomsburg University faculty, staff and students can make a difference this...

UFO Sighting in California Causes Panic and Social Media Frenzy

This past Saturday night, the residents of California got quite a show as well as the social media posts to prove it. What started off...

U.S Ambassador Attacked with Knife

On Thursday, March 6, United States ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert was attacked and slashed with a knife by a man who disapproves...

Hawks for Heroes

Kappa Sigma was prepared, rain or shine, for their third ever Hawks for Heroes fundraiser that took place on Friday, Oct. 4, on the...

Student Veteran Association Gives BU Vets a Home

BUSVA, a student run organization, is a social and educational organization which provides service and support for military and non-military personnel. The intent of this organization is to harness the collective experience and knowledge of all involved individuals, as well as provide social functions for involved individuals.

Deception Upon Becoming One of the Few, the Proud; a Marine’s Story

“I was told that all the details in the contract would be taken care of when I got to basic training and that I should just sign it and deal with it then.”

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You’ve been there. Your friend posts a status on Facebook. She’s having a bad day. Maybe she was late to work or maybe she...