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US Reign of Terror

Dozens of innocent civilians fleeing in terror, watching family and friends die in the destruction of a mosque in Al-Jina, Syria, just outside the...

Civil War Continues to Rage in Syria

Violence in Syria continues, as two year civil war claims the lives of thousands.

Newsbrief: While You Were Out

Over spring break you may have missed what was happening in the rest of the world. Here's your chance to get caught up!

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Special Election Set for January 31st

State Senator John Gordner, from the 27th district, resigned from his position on November 30th. To accept a position to counsel Kim Ward. Kim...

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AIS Club Using the Power of 3D Technology

https://youtu.be/x_cwaGJuP7c I recently got a chance to sit down with Jake Latchum, Jesse Johnson and Matthew Hummel from the AIS Club and hear about their...

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