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Hot Take: Marijuana legalization will promote the betterment of the United States 

As the Democratic party has made its way into the White House, marijuana users hope for a push toward legalization. However, like most of...

The Truth About Marijuana

Of all the arguments we’ve had in the past year, and of all the political positions Americans have been divided against, nothing has had...

Bob Marley Inspired Natural Skin Care Line with a Secret Ingredient

In honor of Bob Marley, the famous reggae singer and songwriter, his family will be launching a natural skin care line with marijuana being the...

Booze Or Bud

Students go to college to further their education and gain experience for employment after graduation-- that's a given. However, as we all can admit...

Another Possible Adrian Peterson Arrest; This Time for Smoking Marijuana

Adrian Peterson doesn’t seem to know when to quit.

Pa. Senate Passes Bill to Legalize Medicinal Marijuana

Legalizing medical marijuana takes the next step.

Justin Bieber Gone Wild

Justin Bieber has been catching the media's eye quite a bit more than usual lately. This isn't necessarily a good thing for the 19-year-old,...

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