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BU Women’s Lacrosse on the Road to Victory

After a strenuous semester of fall-ball, the BU Women's Lacrosse team, ranked no. 15, is off to another fabulous start.They're looking stronger than ever...

Balancing Act: The Art of Having a Life and Playing a Division I Sport

The art of balancing athletics and academia can be a mutually accepted practice in many Division I players. The questions that need to be asked can put into perspective the rigidity of a student-athlete’s lifestyle.

Men's Lacrosse, Near Perfect Over the Weekend

The first of the two games had Bloomsburg traveling to Williamsport to take on the Nittany Lions of Penn Tech. It was a fast-paced, highly offensive affair with Bloomsburg winning the game 11-5. Mike Vogan (Phoenixville, Pa.) had six goals and two assists, leading the team in points scored. John Lawless (Collegeville, Pa.) assisted on four of the six goals Vogan contributed, while Scott Radzinski (Flemington, NJ) helped out on the other two with nice passes from behind the cage.

Bloom Men’s Lacrosse, Skilled Beyond its Club Status

Bloomsburg men’s lacrosse can often be overlooked as a non-NCAA sanctioned club regulated team. However, Bloom lacrosse has a fluidity compared to some Division III and Division II schools and as such they deserve respect. The team has earned that respect, and now they have something to show for it.

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