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KFC: You donut want to miss this!

Editor’s note: Katie Rose and Emme Reiser are the co-creators of this review. We set out to try the new Chicken & Donuts menu offerings at KFC. What foods do you want to see us review next? Let us know…

How to Eat Healthy In Bloomsburg

Here is a quick guide about the healthiest food options at local fast food restaurants around Bloomsburg. General Tips Be wary of liquid calories, especially in drinks you would assume would be healthy, such as smoothies, as these are unhealthier…

Binge Eating After a Breakup Taken to the Extreme; Woman Stays in KFC for a Week

Shen decided to stop in at KFC for some kentucky fried chicken after her boyfriend broke up with her. That’s normal, turning to some good old comfort food, but what’s not is how long she decided to stay.