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To Belieb or Not to Belieb?

It’s one of life’s great arguments, more hotly debated than Apple vs. Android or Zayn Malik vs. the rest of One Direction. Do you...

Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2015

Halloween, one of the most creative and fun holidays, is now behind us again until next year. Whether you embraced the festivities and dressed...

The “Towel Series”

If you have an Instagram account, you have probably stumbled upon photographs of beautiful men and women sporting only a towel, which is sometimes...

The Bieber Curse

Bieber hangs out with a lot of athletes and attends sports games regularly, but if teams know what’s good for them they will have their security keep him away at all costs.

Selena Gomez Goes To Rehab

Selena Gomez secretly spent a two week stint in an Arizona rehab facility.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom’s Split

(Contributing Reporters: Adrianna Sgouris and Kristen Rinaldi)  Recently there has been a lot of speculation regarding one of Hollywood’s A-list couples. It was announced on...

Pot Bust on Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus

Justin Bieber's tour bus is raided for drugs on European tour.

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