Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Are We Too Critical Of Celebrities’ Weight?

            On April 22, CBS Houston blogger Anna- Megan Raley, under the alias Claire Crawford, wrote about the Houston Rockets in the...

Sweet Music on a Historic Day

Forty years from now, our grandchildren will sit perched on our laps listening to our story about the day when everything changed. We will paint for them a vivid picture detailing exactly where we were and what we felt at that historic moment.

The Effects of Reality Television on our Society

It seems a little ridiculous that these days we enjoy watching people struggle and lead miserable lives on reality television. It used to be that we would watch sitcoms with happy families and there would always be a happy ending. We now watch reality families live real lives that never seem to end up positively. You have to ask yourself why do they keep doing these shows?

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