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In “Drown,” by Junot Diaz the story begins by telling of Yunior’s childhood, ending it with a description of Yunior’s father’s confusing life, a life that brought seemingly little success to the immigrant. He was caught between the dream and reality.

Contemplating Reality – A Book Review

Andy Karr provides examples to prove his points. He tries putting the reader in a number of hypothetical situations, and when he actually does...

The Seven Storey Mountain – A Book Review

Where my spiritual life would be today without him and his name on that small piece of paper is a matter of speculation, but I don’t believe it would be nearly as strong as it is today. He has opened the mind of the modern Catholic.

The Seven Storey Mountain – A Book Review

How fortunate I am to have read this book two times now. I’d like to predict how many more times I read it, but that’s a difficult number to guess. Autobiographies are fun to read because the reader is able to draw parallels in his life to those of the writer, but most writers write their life stories in an older age. Merton was merely 33.

Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith

Many detractors of Mormonism exist, some even came from within the church itself. Like other religious sects, Mormons will excommunicate those with too much...

A Review: Why the Jews Rejected Jesus

In “Why the Jews Rejected Jesus,” Klinghoffer discusses Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, which was the driving force behind Klinghoffer’s writing of the religious text.

Empire Falls – A Book Review

Empire Falls is also relatable to every person who reads it because outsourcing is at its center, and how many people know someone who has been negatively affected by such a practice? Read Empire Falls if you feel you’ve been screwed over by a place to which you’ve been loyal.

“Walt Whitman, The Making of the Poet” a Review

"The Making of the Poet" was good for a number of reasons. A creative writer himself, late author Paul Zweig doesn’t write with the dry language of most biographers. His writing is unique and to the point. Dare I say - He cuts the B.S.

Sit Down and Shut Up

Brad Warner plays bass, a refugee from the six string world, as well as that of the world of corporate radio rock. He is...

The Diamond Cutter

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"The redundancy, though, as I’ve written, is always brought with fresh breath in the form of real life examples from Roach’s career. Given my appreciation for Roach’s clarity, I feel there’s nothing he could have done to make this book more enjoyable."

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