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MSNBC Footage From the Inauguration

Check out MSNBC's footage from the Inaugural ceremony, as well as the full transcript from Obama's speech.

Record Turnout for Inauguration; Obama’s Already Uniting

Also preventing disaster today was the overall patience displayed by the crowd while maneuvering throughout D.C. Ann Parker and her husband, who traveled from Berkley, California, said that people were jammed up in the metro stops, but never expressed any frustration. “There are incredible people [here] who just want to talk to everybody. People are just so joyful,” said Parker while waiting in a long line to enter the ticketed area on the Mall.

Inauguration Slideshow

The crowds, security, vendors, and the glory of D.C. captured...

Running Through D.C. on the Eve of the Inauguration

It was difficult finding an open path through the city, and I had to slow my pace considerably while rounding the Capitol building and heading toward the Washington Monument - all the more time to take in the sites. Yesterday's concert at the Lincoln Memorial was being replayed on the jumbo-trons in the National Mall, and every corner was manned by vendors selling Obama pins, t-shirts, pictures, and calendars. I was enchanted by the angelic voices of a choir on the steps of the Capitol building, and touched by the hundred or so army soldiers who posed in front of the Washington Monument for pictures. It was amazing to me that a city, packed with so many people, could be in such harmony.

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