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BU Be A Quitter Day 2022

BU Healthy and Husky Paws brings to campus, Be A Quitter Day 2022. This event will be occurring Thursday, November 17th, 2022 within the...

Eager Young Minds, Empty Stomachs

Bloomsburg Students are remaining silent no longer as freshmen overcrowd the popular dining areas on campus.

What’$ For Dinner?

Its a well-known fact that most BU students don't hold Aramark, the campus food service, in high revere. The way I see it is that no matter how delicious the food is that you eat, wherever you are, the mere fact that you're consuming the same stuff two or three times a day, every day is bound to make you grow tired of it sooner or later...

Cup o’ Joe: 1st serving

Hello! Is anybody out there? After five months of writing, Joe Arleth is getting tired of the one-sided conversations. How will he combat this? Well besides growing a protest beard and going on a hunger strike, Joe will update BUNow every morning with a collection of thoughts, links, rants, and news to get you moving as you start the day. (Photo of Andrew Wakelee)

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