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The Boring Room Film Challenge; Blooming Studios Makes a Comeback

Blooming Studios had a lot of plans for 2020, but unfortunately, COVID-19 ruined everything. But do not worry fellow viewers, Blooming Studios will...

Thump 2: Eyes | A Short Film

Editor’s Note: Michael Lamberti, along with his group, Blooming Studios, has created a sequel to their first film, Thump. This film is called Thump...

Low-Res Reviews #9: A Quiet Place

Here’s the ninth episode of “Low-Res Reviews.” In it, Eric Barlow and CJ De Leo, joined by Jake Gordon, sit in a car before...

THUMP: A Horror Film

Editor's Note: BUnow's Michael Lamberti, along with his group NerdyBloom has created its first film. Check out THUMP: A Horror Film, written by Collin...

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