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No Honors for BU Administration

The course which the University has taken to address, better yet, not address, this situation cannot help but to prompt questions of suspicion from those honors students adversely affected by it. This University is by no means slow to report campus news to its students, as is evident by the ever-changing content on the Today page of the website, as well as mass emails sent on a daily basis.

Academic Disorder: BU Honors Program Struggles to Cope With Lack of Leadership

With the retirement of former director Dr. Emeric Schultz at the end of last semester, the University worked throughout the Fall to find his replacement. When students left campus for the winter break, they were left with the impression that Dr. Stephen Kokoska would be offered the position, as he was recommended by the Honors Advisory Committee (H.A.C.) for the job and was appointed to that post by University officials on Dec. 12, 2008.

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