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In Homecoming Fallout, Both Sides Wrong

Apparently, no one ever taught us how to remove a band-aid. Instead of quickly acting to find a solution, we are instead embroiled in a never-ending discussion that is slowly causing more pain than good. I don’t have all the answers. All I can offer is an outsider’s perspective.

President Soltz Follows Up on Forum

Following last night’s forum, which was kept to just over an hour, several questions swarmed BU Now’s newsroom, so the staff contacted Soltz for a follow up.

Homecoming 2008 Incident – Final Report

The following document is the final report produced by the appointed panel to investigate the homecoming dance incident on campus last fall, and their recommendations about how to avoid a similar occurrence in the future.

Soltz Presents Results of Homecoming Panel; Students Still Not Satisfied

Months after students demanded an apology for the perceived racist actions at last fall’s homecoming incident, President Soltz read a written statement of apology and offered a list of 40-plus recommendations made by a three-person panel he appointed to investigate the incident.

Meet the panel

The independent panel put together by President Dr. David Soltz, for the purpose of investigating the Nov. 1 Homecoming incident, held an open forum for students and faculty Monday, Dec. 1.

Homecoming Forum: Accusations of Police Racism, Excessive Force

At last night’s Homecoming forum at Kehr Union, students testified to President Soltz and other university administration about their experience at the Homecoming dance held on Nov. 1st.

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