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Climate change protesters disrupt Yale vs. Harvard football game

Demonstrators took to the field in New Haven, Conn. yesterday afternoon during the annual Yale-Harvard football game. The protesters, made up of students from both universities, disrupted the game at halftime and delayed the game by about 20 minutes. The…

Frozen Four Set to Heat Up

March is over but the madness continues. However, it’s not basketball.┬áThe NCAA’s DI ice hockey tournament will begin its final stages tonight at United Center in Chicago. Each game will be broadcast on ESPN2. The first matchup at 6:00 p.m….

Inmates Crush Harvard Students in Debate

Are prisoners smarter than college students? This is a question one might consider after a group of three inmates from Eastern New York Correctional Facility recently won a debate against a group of Harvard undergraduates. The teams battled back and…