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Police investigating death of Bloomsburg student who died in September

Editor’s note: This article, written by Susan Snyder, was originally published by The Philadelphia Inquirer on Dec. 9. Snyder and the editors at The Philadelphia Inquirer have given permission for BUnow to republish the article. Bloomsburg, Pa., police are investigating…

BU Confirms ‘ongoing investigation’ into Student’s Death as Major Greek Reforms Initiated

Editor’s note: This is a developing story. Updates will be posted as they become available. BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — Emphasizing the health and safety of its students, Bloomsburg University announced late yesterday afternoon—as most campus offices were closing—that, effective immediately, the…

Yik Yak: A Breeding Ground for Negativity

Raise your hand if Yik Yak has personally victimized you, a friend or organization? Have you ever noticed who gets targeted on Bloomsburgs Yik Yak the most? Greek Life, and I’ll never understand why. I’ll admit it, I downloaded this…

Tau Kappa Epsilon Annual ‘Fire Walk’ Memorial

 On Thursday, March 19,—the Pi Beta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania held their annual memorial walk to honor three fraters who lost their lives resulting from a tragic house fire on March 19, 2000….

Arrests Made in the Jackie Lithgow Assault Case

At around 1:07 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 23, an argument allegedly began at the residence at 63 Iron St. in Bloomsburg, according to BloomUtoday. It escalated as Justin Weider, a sophomore football player at Kutztown University,  allegedly punched a man in the head,…

Relay Raises Funds and More Importantly Hope

Cancer.  From the time most of us were children, we have learned to both hate and fear that word.  However on Friday, April 5, at the Bloomsburg University Recreation Center students, faculty and family came together to stand up against…

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Rush Important in Greek Life

Throughout rush week, each sorority tries to persuade all the candidates to join by advertising their benefits. The hardest part of rush for many people, including Switzer, is narrowing down their choices because every sorority is unique.