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The Spookiest Places in Spooky Season

Spooky scary skeletons usually send shivers down the spines of children, but to adults, Halloween may not be as scary anymore. After a certain...

Bloomsburg’s Haunted Places

Bloomsburg has several "haunted" sites. Did you know Bloomsburg University is one of them? Below is a list of some of the local spaces...

Andruss Library: Haunted or Just Full of Really Big Books?

For some Bloomsburg University students Andruss Library is a frightening place.  Understandably so.  Four floors of thick tomes and dusty dictionaries is enough to...

Jim Thorpe Old Jail: haunted or just my imagination?

Opened in 1871, the Old Jail in Jim Thorpe still looms over the town today, as if not wanting to be forgotten. Entering through...

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