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Georgia Climbs the College Football Mountain

The Georgia Bulldogs managed to capture their first College Football championship since 1980 defeating perennial powerhouse Alabama. After a costly fumble with 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter, Georgia QB Stetson Bennet managed to bounce back and throw two…

2018 College Football Playoffs: Who’s In?

The final four teams have been selected for the College Football Playoffs starting on December 29. The Orange Bowl will be featuring Alabama and Oklahoma, and the Cotton Bowl will feature Clemson facing off against Notre Dame. Alabama cemented their…

Think You Know Human Evolution? Think Again

Last Thursday, October 17th, the US journal¬†Science¬†published shocking findings by a Georgian team of scientists, regarding an eight-year study on a fossilized skull from 1.8 million years ago.   The discovery? The evolutionary history of our human genus Homo may…

Georgia KKK chapter wants to adopt a highway

A Georgian chapter of the KKK’s attempt to adopt a stretch of I-55 causes controversy